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Download Moto Z3 Play Android 9 update now – it is now rolling out

Download Moto Z3 Play Android 9 update now – it is now rolling out
Read Carefully

This phone is around one year old. Now it is receiving the latest software update for a refreshed experience. Motorola is rolling out the Moto Z3 Play Android 9 Pie update officially. The company has started this release from US and hopefully it will cover other regions soon. Keep in mind that this is not a beta version you can receive just for the sake of initial taste. This is a proper stable Android Pie update you can use to have full access to all features. If you own the handset, simply navigate to Settings >> System updates to see if the Android Pie version is available to your region.

The Moto Z3 Play is an affordable handset with some entry-level or I should say mid-range features. The latest update has brought a number of useful features to enhance its usability. You will receive adaptive battery settings, new gestures, rotation key, zoom in text, and much more. It does enhance the notification menu a lot, you get changes in design, frequently dismiss notification, and manage notification and more. Moreover, the update will enhance the performance of device too.


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