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Download Official Stock Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Wallpapers

Download Official Stock Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Wallpapers
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Official stock Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s wallpapers have successfully been ported for others. Now you can use them on your other non-Xiaomi smartphones, as eye-catching backgrounds.

The Mi Mix 2s is officially introduced, with same great full screen design with no bezels or should I say very minimal bezels (with full screen version 2.0). It does not borrow the notch which is gaining and not gaining noticeable attention around markets and we are happy. Basically, notch is useful but it seems rather a gimmick. We can live a better life with flat display because of their extensive space capable to showcase so many notification icons and indicators. The new Mix 2s is very attractive with a stunning curved-bezel body which has full ceramic material. The company has not increased the size, the phone is still easy to hold being large but feeling small. And it comes with full HD+ resolution which is very popular these days on global level. This 5.99” vivid display with 2160 x 1080 pixels resolution stretches from upper side and bezels. This technique gives phone a beautiful look and feel when users use it.

When it comes to design, Xiaomi has tried to do things better than others a lot at reasonable prices. The company has understanding of uses in terms of design impressively. Rather than focusing on what can impress the world in terms of look and feel, it focuses on what can help people. It is a particle smartphone with an appealing design you can hold without shying. In simple words you can compare this phone and design of this phone with others confidently.

Here, you can download the stock images collection ported from Mi Mix 2s. You can pull down full collection in a single zip file or scroll and choose depending on your choice. For downloading a single Mi Mix 2s wallpaper, simply tap/click on it and you will be taken to a page where you can download selected wallpaper in full res, FHD+.

Download Stock Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Wallpapers

Download Official Stock Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Wallpapers

Download Official Stock Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Wallpapers

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