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Dual-SIM Galaxy Note 9 SM-N9600 receives official Android 9 software update

Dual-SIM Galaxy Note 9 SM-N9600 receives official Android 9 software update
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Dual-SIM Galaxy Note 9 Android 9 Pie update is now rolling out around the globe. This is Galaxy Note 9 SM-N9600 model available in different regions of the world with two SIM slots including China. The Galaxy Note9 is a big decent top-ranger with many good features. It is not very easy to get a best phone that fit to your needs most. But Samsung has tried to be among list of top phones always. It comes in a shape that suit to regular usage. It has decent specs and a decent camera that capture sharp images. And now the latest firmware will have improve usability of this phone a little more. It brings dual messaging, laptop-like keyboard, better battery settings and more. Beside this, the latest Galaxy Note 9 N9600 software update brings popular One UI to users.

The One UI is a minimal design that focuses on features instead of bloatware. I do not really claim that this will ruin all bloatware completely. But you will feel peace of mind with minimum bloatware and many new but helpful features. This update comes with build number N9600ZHU1CSB3. How to download Galaxy Note9 update? Go to Settings >> About phone >> Software update and check if there is OTA available for you. More, you can download and load it manually on your phone.


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