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How To Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 6t to International OnePlus 6t [Without SIM Unlock]

How To Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 6t to International OnePlus 6t [Without SIM Unlock]
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So you can want to insert SIM card from any network on your OnePlus 6t! Good, here’s how to convert T Mobile OnePlus 6 into international OnePlus 6t, even without SIM unlock. You do not need to pay extra charges to gain your goal, just focus on this guide and enjoy. This trick will not even ask you to unlock the bootloader of your handset first. But it will wipe the data stored on the handset. Why should you worry about this when you have option of backup?

The OnePlus 6t is a nice pick at budget for a thrilling experience. The company has loaded this handset with powerful specs and a lot of decent features. This is company’s first handset available with a US carrier, T-Mobile network. If you have bought it in US on this network, you can gain global rights for using other SIM cards.


  • A OnePlus 6t on T-Mobile network.
  • This procedure may wipe everything stored on phone, so create a full backup. Take care of your valuable data including contacts, SMS, apps, and settings (Note: You can check this guide for help).
  • Download the OnePlus 6t 6T MsmDownloadTool v4.0.58 (OOS v9.0.11) from here.
  • Now download the patched tools from here. It will remove checks that let images to be flashed on the handset.
  • Download and flash USB drivers for Qcom download mode from here.

How To Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 6t to international 6t variant without SIM Unlock

Step One: Turn your OnePlus 6t off.

Step Two: Press and hole two volume keys on the handset. While holding these keys, connect the phone with computer using a USB cable.

Step Three: Unzip the patched tools EXEs in the folder where you have MSMDownloadTool. Proceed everything carefully.

Step Four: Now run the “MsmDownloadTool V4.0_factory_patched.exe” (or the other file if you have chosen that).

Step Five: Hit “Start” and it will patch the handset. It should take around five minutes to complete the task. Then, it will reboot the phone.

Step Six: When rebooting phone, you should not see T-Mobile logo. Instead of this, the OxygenOS generic logo should appear only.

Step Seven: Check your phone is running on unlocked OnePlus 6t software.

This is a simple process to turn your carrier-locked/network locked OnePlus 6t to an unlocked OnePlus 6t. This is complete conversion to unlocked 6t.

Via: XDA

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