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Mophie Battery Cases for Galaxy S10 trio official – wireless battery charging, USB C port access and more

Mophie Battery Cases for Galaxy S10 trio official
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If you are seeking best battery cases for Galaxy S10 trio to extend its battery life, Mophie can help. Mophie has introduced its Galaxy S10 battery cases, coupled with many useful features. It does even support wireless charging. The company has provided full access to lighting port too for easy response to calls and charging at same time. You can access the USB-C port so you can have comfortable feeling when on the go. The latest generation of Galaxy devices can easily last for some days with these latest cases and covers while having protection.

It will add a little bulk and in result you will get 2000mAh battery on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e. The Galaxy S10 Plus battery case features a 2525mAh battery for an extended life. Yes, these cases will add bulk but not a lot of bulk to prevent comfortable usage. These battery cases are slim enough for comfortable daily drive. You can easily turn the battery juice pack off and on with standby button. It does lead to status of juice pack too. It offers a rubberized support pads for protection on accidental drops.

When traveling or working out of home for a long time, these cases come handy impressively. You can make a purchase here.

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