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New 2070mAh Mophie battery case for Galaxy S9 and S9+ is impressive

New 2070mAh Mophie battery case for Galaxy S9 and S9+ is impressive
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New Mophie battery case for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is impressive to use for an extended battery life, with 2070mAh capacity. This extra 2070 mAh battery can even enhance wireless charging too.

In the life of some serious travelers, charging seem to be very irritating issue. It does stop them from staying connected with the world in the world of wireless communication a lot. But with passing time, so many solutions have been arrived in market to help them out. Beside portable power chargers, battery cases have been very popular to keep users on track.

This new Mophie juice pack does not add bulk a lot on phone, it is very lightweight. You can easily carry and make use of different operations. It does not ditch any default function of phone. You can charge it via same wireless charging technology, Qi wireless chargers that are normally available on most places. This case adds 32 hours to your phone’s life. It comes with LED light that keep you informed about status of battery. It does support Samsung’s adaptive fast chargers too. The charger will charge the phone’s battery first and then battery case will start receiving power.

You can buy this Galaxy S9 Plus battery case from here.

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