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Samsung Internet 7.2 Comes With Secured Browsing Experience

Samsung Internet 7.2 Comes With Secured Browsing Experience
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Download Samsung Internet 7.2 from Galaxy Apps store and you should be able to enjoy an enhanced and protected browsing experience. The latest Samsung Browser update even comes with UI changes.

The update is rolling out to users. New Samsung Internet v7.2 has an updated engine, it lets you use new web platform functions including Web Assembly and Intersection observer. It optimizes the speed of website loading. One most interesting feature, it has protected browsing which informs you if you visit harmful websites that can steal your personal information or spread malware on your Samsung smartphone. The new browser will check the line of address with a special database dedicated to detect harmful websites. Samsung takes care of your privacy. Once you visit such websites, you will be advised to go back because of unsafe environment. However, if you are confirmed that this happens mistakenly, you can visit by your confirmation.

The company has tried to add more fuel on fire by bringing new updates for privacy on content. It comes with better content blockers that eliminate ads and stop cookies from tracking your information. You can install content blockers within your Samsung browser and tap on them to get yourself secured from unwanted websites. New blockers are added on already-available inbuilt tracking page.

Moreover, there are some changes in UI. The new user interface has a little revamp. URL bar is specifically changed, it has now more space to enjoy web-related badges for extra tools. You can add web apps to home screen from the address bar now with a single tap. This is good to save time, no need to visit the home page for adding new apps. Further, the browser gives you a “reader mode” button to read some important news, it changes the format for ditching distracting bits.

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